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What Exactly is Grace?

Some people say that all religions are the same. They’re not. Grace is what sets Christianity apart from all other philosophies and worldviews.

7 Lies Christian Women Believe About Sex

For a culture where sex is so prevalent, we really don’t talk about it the way we should, creating a lot of misconceptions.

How I Survived a Month with No Social Media

I decided that I would stay off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a month and it was glorious.

Faith Sharing Tip: Burst Your Church Bubble

How many close friends do you have who AREN’T Christians? It’s hard to “go into all the world” if we’re only hanging out with our friends from church.

Great Fathers Make Time For Their Children

Time and money are two of life’s scarce resources. How a person spends those limited resources provides an interesting window into their real priorities.

The Breakthrough Program Helping Young Adults with Autism to Gain Social Independence

PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills) is radically changing the lives of young adults with autism.

Macadamia ‘Cheese’ Spread Recipe (Cheese Alternative)

This is the perfect replacement for a soft cheese, it’s spreadable, full of flavour and is versatile in use as a dip, on toast and on pizza.

Being ‘Religious’

I have friends who still describe me as ‘religious’, and honestly? I find it a teensy bit offensive.

What Lies Are You Believing About Yourself?

I first met Malcolm Duncan a few years ago at a conference we were both speaking at. His confidence on stage was astounding given his background.