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Christians Can React to Queensland’s Abortion Laws with Gracious Compassion

In the aftermath of the Queensland’s Parliament decision to endorse radical abortion laws, the Christian community has been called to act with compassion.

How to Raise Kids Who Read

Experts make a big deal about telling parents to read to their children. It’s one of the best things we can do to help them develop positively.

If God Is Good, Why Is There Suffering and Pain?

It’s the big question that has been asked for centuries by atheists and Christians alike… so is there really an answer?

First Man Movie Review: Ryan Gosling is Neil Armstrong

What makes the movie First Man unique to other space-related blockbusters, is its focus on the emotional side of Neil’s experience.

Using Social Media For Good

Are you shocked by how little encouragement is found in your social media feed? When was the last time you used social media to add value to someone?

A Chaplain’s Road to the Invictus Games

Sarah Petchell is a mum, chaplain and defence force member who will be competing in the games which kick off this weekend in Sydney.

70 Years on and Work-life Balance Is Still Eluding Most Australians

The 2016 Census results shows that 2 in 5 employed Australians working beyond the 8-hour day, and way beyond it when commute time is included.

Toddlers and Television

Our kids don’t need smart phones, but they do need smart parents to give wise guidelines and set good and positive examples.

What Do I Do When I Offend Someone Sharing My Faith?

Sometimes offence can’t always be avoided. Here are 4 things you can do that will hopefully help reconcile the conversation and the relationship.