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How Can We Stay Civil in the Age of Outrage? Here are Three Ideas

We’re in a time of important change. Stands need to be taken. But when history looks back may it also be said that we took a stand for civility too.

Love for the Long Haul

I’ll never forget the counselling session with Al and Olivia. Olivia fought back tears. “Al says he doesn’t love me anymore. He’s found someone else.”

Australia’s Hunger Problem

An alarming 4 million Australians have experienced food insecurity in the past 12 months.

New Life Movie Review

When a movie can delve into your emotions and pull out a heart-wrenching sob, you know the writers, producers, cast and crew have done their job well.

Who Was Jesus?

There’s different views about who Jesus was, but they can be basically boiled down to four key ideas.

How To Keep Kids Motivated To Play Sport

Is your child discouraged by competitiveness or comparison in their sport? Dr Justin Coulson explores strategies to help kids stay the course!

Grain and Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns

These hot dog buns came about after I received a message from a mum who needed a grain and gluten free bun that looked like others for kids parties.

Recognising Casual Disrespect in Your Relationship

Sarcasm, witty one-liners, misplaced laughter and demeaning reminders… a simple change in the way we communicate can weed out casual disrespect.

The Beauty and Burden of Brokenness

Turmoil is both the soundtrack and the screenplay of our humanity. Why, then, if our brokenness is universal, do we dress it up with photos carefully posed?