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Make way for Gen Alpha

This generation is and will be defined by technological devices like smartphones and tablets, video games, autonomous cars and smart speakers.

Jesus is Never in a Hurry

We’re always in a hurry, and it’s easy for us to miss things. That’s why it’s so good to know that God isn’t, and he doesn’t.

Dami Im’s New Single is an Honest Cry From the Depths of Pain

With lyrics like, “My body is a graveyard that buries all my emotions”, you know Dami Im isn’t messing around with her new single Crying Underwater.

Teach Your Kids Self-Awareness

How to teach your kids self-awareness so they understand themselves better, and know the impact they are having on others.

How To Crowdsource Creativity

Some of the best ideas for innovation, creativity and invention don’t lie somewhere ‘out there’; they are often right under our noses.

Australia’s Lifestyle Cities in QLD and VIC Are The Fastest Growing

When it comes to the fastest growing towns and cities, our largest cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are still experiencing the largest growth.

Marriage: 26 Years and One Day Later

My constant prayer is that our earthly marriage will end by death or by Jesus’ return, marriages end for so many reasons other than those two things.

The ‘Great Untruth’ That Could End Our Democracy

This ‘great untruth’ is leading to the polarisation of our community. If left unchecked, it could spell the end of our democracy.

Freedom Fighters — Revived for a Reason

Jesus broke the rules of the religious and He strongly advocated for the value and dignity of women and children. He was the original freedom fighter.