MEXICO: Local Pastor Driven from Village

May 11, 2022 | VoM

After constant threats, Pastor Filadelfo Santos Perez has been driven from his village because of his witness for Christ. Pastor Filadelfo was a drug trafficker before coming to faith in Christ. Since converting to Christ, he has been persecuted by his community. Pastor Filadelfo was charged heavy fines and even arrested for failing to participate in pagan festivals. On one occasion, he was denied food and water for three days.

Because of this persecution by his own village, Pastor Filadelfo now rents a small room in another town. Despite the risks involved in proclaiming his faith, he feels called to continue sharing the gospel in his home village.

Southern Mexico has a high concentration of indigenous minority groups that maintain separate identities and speak indigenous languages. Christians in these areas, representing about three percent of the population in this part of Mexico, are often forced from their homes and villages. This means they lose their jobs, inheritance, and land. Those who can remain in their communities are marginalised.

Source: iCommitToPray, VOM Canada

Please Pray

Pray for opportunities for Pastor Filadelfo to share the Good News with those who are opposed to the gospel.

Pray that Pastor Filadelfo would find fellowship with other believers where he now lives.

Pray that the Christians residing within these regions in Mexico will exemplify the grace of God toward those who persecute them.