NIGERIA: Father Murders Son Following Conversion

May 11, 2022 | VoM

Mohammad converted from Islam to Christianity three years ago. As a result of his conversion, his father tried to kill him by cutting off his legs.

Fortunately, he escaped, finding shelter in a nearby town.

Mohammad’s pastor brought him a VOM supported ministry centre for discipleship training. He hasn’t returned home or seen his father since.

In late April, Mohammad received the news that his elder brother converted to Christianity too. Mohammad was delighted.

Last week, Mohammad received the news that his father had murdered his brother by slitting his throat. His father is currently in police custody.

Source: VOM Contacts

Please Pray

Please pray for Mohammad as he comes to terms with this tragedy. May he feel the Father’s ministering presence.

Pray for Mohammad’s father, that he may experience true conviction, genuine repentance and a revelation of Christ.

Pray for believers all over Nigeria who have left Islam for Christianity and are subject to violent persecution from their family and community