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Our Business Directory is the place to find local, community-minded businesses across Orange. All businesses listed in this directory support 1035FM Orange through our Sponsorship program.

To add your business to our Orange Business Directory, and to have your message heard all across Orange on 1035FM, talk to our Sponsorship Team.

1035FM Professionals

Tilstons Electrical do much more than great electrical work, it’s just… they couldn’t use it all in their name. Why? Because ‘Tilstons Electrical Air Con Installation for Commercial and Residential, Lighting, Hot Water and Stove Repairs, Garden Lighting and Data and Communication’… wouldn’t fit on the business card.
Oh, and they’re also your local authorised Mitsubishi Electric dealer.

Station sponsor Tilstons Electrical, they do a lot more than their
name implies.

1035FM Sponsors


44 Victoria Street
Millthorpe, New South Wales

(02) 6366 3113


70 Endsleigh Ave, Orange NSW 2800

(02) 6362 1147


16/212 Anson St, Orange NSW 2800

(02) 6360 4041

391 Summer St, Orange NSW 2800

(02) 6362 2432


46-49 Anson St, Warrendine NSW 2800

(02) 6362 1422


Unit 2, 9 Gateway Crescent
Orange, NSW, 2800

02 6360 7000


Gipps St, Wellington NSW 2820

(02) 6845 1999


50/60 Park St, Orange NSW 2800

0402 352 258


177 Lords Pl, Orange NSW 2800

(02) 6362 2389