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After graduating from the Royal Military College Duntroon as an officer in the Australian Army, and then running an international IT consulting firm with my two business partners … these days, I’m blessed to be able to share the good news of Jesus through my radio programs as the CEO and Bible teacher of the Australian-based, global media ministry Christianityworks.

Each week literally millions of people listen in to those messages through over 1,000 radio stations in 160 countries around the world.

And each time I wander into the boring, grey little recording studio – normally on a Friday morning – to record that week’s programs, I still can’t believe that God could or even would ever use someone like me.

And there’s something else. I encourage others to join me and become part of this movement we’ve called Christianityworks. Just ordinary, everyday people like me I guess; people who love the Lord and want to make a difference in this world. Because there’s a ripple effect that happens when we each start sharing the love of Jesus with the people around us – whether you live in Birmingham, Boston, Brisbane or Benin … the world starts changing. One life at a time.


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December 20, 2019

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