The Heartfelt Inspiration Behind Tarryn Stokes’ New Single

Jul 2, 2024 | Entertainment and Arts

By: Steff Willis

A relatable parenting moment has inspired a milestone song for an Australian singer-songwriter, with hopes that the track will resonate with anyone who is caring for someone vulnerable.

After being a backup singer for many years, including for two of The 2023 Voice Coaches, Tarryn Stokes has now stepped into her own spotlight.

Tarryn Stokes has released her first single since winning The Voice Australia in 2023 and shares how “Hold You” came about, and how it fits into her song writing journey more broadly.

“’Hold You’ is a song that I wrote with a couple of other amazing songwriters [WILSN and Stephen Mowat]. It’s a song about my children, so it’s really about my role and my calling as a mother.

“The lyrics that came to me first were, ‘I’ll hold you tight, I won’t let go till you learn how to fly, I’ll hold you till the night is over’, and my daughter actually was sick at the time, so I was just writing in the moment and thinking about looking after her all night. She had an earache and so she was needing mum very close to her all night,” Tarryn says.

Tarryn says that as she collaborated with her fellow songwriters, the song took on a greater meaning.

“We just gelled and the song just came out, and it ended up being a bigger thing about my calling as a mum to my children, and I hope that relates to so many people – not just mums, but anyone who has children in their life – uncles, aunties, whoever – and just looking after someone until they’re strong and independent themselves.”

The song’s release is the latest marker of a big year for Tarryn, who has toured with for KING + COUNTRY and supported Matteo Bocelli in addition to performing her own sell out show in Melbourne – but more plans are already in the works.

“Last week I started writing a new song. It’s a really cool song, I really love it and I feel like it’s a really encouraging and inspirational song about people knowing their worth and their value.

“After that, I have lots of ideas that I’d love to release, but it takes time… My heart is to write a lullaby album – that’s something that I’ve wanted to do for quite a while.

“I feel like it’d be great for mums who want to put their children to sleep with some nice, soothing music, so that’s something that I really want to do. If it happens this year, that would be great, but who knows?!”