Speak Life into your family and others across the Orange and beyond!

Life hasn’t been easy lately for thousands of families like yours across the Orange and the Central West.

Fires, floods, drought … plus a pandemic, with economic hardship for many.

In the everyday stresses of life, it’s vitally important to have a voice to Speak Life into your circumstances.

There is power in that voice to reach the people you love, right when they need it most, to lift their hearts and fill them with encouragement.

Give today to help meet the $5,000 funding need to Speak Life into your family, friends and neighbours right across Orange and our region through your 1035FM.

1035FM Orange is a trading name of Canobolas Christian Broadcasters Incorporated in Australia; ABN: 49451494925.
All donations to 1035FM Orangeover $2 are tax-deductible and are in Australian Dollars.